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Special Items of Cottage Industries in Noida

Noida stands for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority and it covers the majority of the eastern border region of India’s Capital which in New Delhi. Noida is made up for several different industrial schemes which include several housing and industrial developments. 

Either way the native residents of Noida and surrounding areas have managed to retain and clench on to most of their traditional ways of life. Cottages industries still flourish in the Noida region with most marketing their products directly to the city where there is a larger market.

Industries in Noida

Many city residents have also helps promote the cottage industries since they have helped retain cultural values within the capital even though the city has developed and many traditional products and services not available. 

There is also several business establishments within Delhi such as Dilli Hut which help promote the cottage industries by offering a secluded area where the sites can be sold. Some common cottage industries practices in Noida include:

Zardozi Embroidery and Cloth Decoration

Hnadicraft industries in Noida

Cloth plays a huge role in each person’s life and whether it is being used for clothing purposes, bedding, as curtains or as decoration, one thing remains common quality must remain high. Zardozi Embroidery is a form of cloth decoration which was adapted by many Indians cultures and today found in Iran, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

 The industry is mainly performed by hand resulting in the skill remaining a cottage industry with no proper machinery to mass produce the Zardozi Embroidery. There are many small Zardozi Embroidery workshops in the Noida region which supply their cloth materials to the national’s capital for resale to higher demanding markets. In addition to the embroidery there are several artists who make special cloth painting and cloth decoration unique to the region who also make use of the capital to sell their items.

Wood and Marble Carvings

Small scale industries in Noida

Carving on wood and marble is a skill which has been handed down for generation in many families with many still practicing the skill till today. There is also high demand for the wood and marble carvings with most homes purchasing them for ornamental or religious purposes. 

This results in high demand for the carvings thus ensuring the industry has remained flourishing for centuries now. The wood and marble carving industry not only produces carvings in form of humans and animal forms but also produce fabulous items like jewelry boxes, marble tables and wall hanging among other items.

Daily Products

Daily Products in Noida

Many people have heard of the dairy industry but it’s much less common within the national capital making is a perfect cottage industry for many people living on the boarders of the city. 

There are many family owned daily on the outskirts of the cities which produce various daily use items like brooms, matress etc. The industry remains in business despite major players since many city residents want traditionally made goods. This requirement continues to see its demand within the national capital.

Artificial Ornament Industry

Artificial Ornament Industry in Noida

Ornaments and jewelry are often confused to be made of precious metals but this is not true and there are many Indian cultures that produce artificial ornaments and jewelry using beads and semi-precious metals which are still in high demand. This sector has remained a cottage industry since the items produced must be made by hand but the items are still high demand thus keeping the industry robust.

Noida produces a large proportion of the traditional ornament and jewelry which are sold and distributed to many surrounding states. The jewelry remains in high demand among women thus keeping the industry flourishing at all times.

There is a huge verity of cottage industries in Noida due to the many cultures which have visited and conquered the region. With each new regime comes a new skill which Noida and Delhi residents mastered and have perfected over the years. Cottage industry skills are today said to be very important to learn as they break the person free from depending in salaried jobs which are getting ever harder to get.

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