Shopping in Noida

Shopping is an integral part of our lives. Be it household goods, daily need groceries or some splurging, one cannot avoid shopping. Noida is a growing and expanding city. With people from all over the country making Noida its home, the shopping needs are also catered accordingly. While on one hand there are malls in Noida where you can splurge and spend quality time with friends like the Great India Place and Centre Stage Mall, on the other there are local markets like Atta Market and Alakananda market for street shopping.

Malls in Noida

Malls are a great one stop solution for shopping and entertainment. They perfectly balance recreation and shopping to give consumers a full entertainment package. From apparels to footwear, kids wear to beauty and accessories, you’ll find them all in the malls. The mall culture is rather new in our country. But it is certainly growing, especially in the metros and tier A cities.

Some of the most popular malls in Noida are –

The Great India Place
Plot No. A-2, Ashok Marg, Noida Sector 38A
Phone: (0120) 4650000

Spice World Mall
I – 2, Sector – 25A
Phone: (0120) 4366400

Center Stage Mall
L-1/ Ugf-15, Noida Sector-18
Phone: (0120) 4364698

SAB Shopping Mall
E-331, Noida Sector-27
Phone: (0120) 2538345

Mahagun Metro Mall
A-19, Noida Sector – 63
Phone: 9311490936

Shoprix Mall
Noida Sector – 61
Phone: (0120) 4314441

Markets in Noida

However swanky and convenient a mall may be, the fun of shopping in an open air market cannot be replaced with anything else. Since Noida is home to people from various parts of the country, the markets have to cater to the varying needs. Plumbing needs, daily needs grocery, clothes, kitchenware, books, electronic items etc. you name it and the markets in Noida would have the latest designs and variety. The other good thing about the markets is that they can be easily reached by public and private transport.

While Atta market is one of the most famous markets, the rest are also strong contenders. Atta market caters to nearly all the needs of the customers. Apparels, footwear, departmental stores, pet care needs, spas, boutiques, courier service etc. you’ll find them all in the all in one Atta market. But that is not all it also has a wide variety of branded showrooms.

Brahmaputra and Ganga shopping complexes usually cater to student needs. While the main focus in on school and office stationary, printing, books etc. there is quite a good choice for grocery stores, eateries and cafés in these markets.

Given below is the list of various famous markets in Noida

  • Atta market - Sector – 27
  • Alaknanda market – Sector – 29
  • Brahmputra market – Sector – 29
  • Lal market – Sector 37
  • Main market – Sector -18
  • Gulmohar shopping complex – Sector 15
  • Jalvayu Vihar market – Sector – 25
  • Ganga shopping complex – Sector 29
  • Indira market – Sector – 27
  • C block market – Sector – 41
  • Savitri market – Sector – 18
  • B block market – Sector – 23
  • Noida car market – Sector 16
  • Om market – Sector – 12/22
  • P block market – Sector 12
  • Pooja market – Sector – 22
  • Kanchan Junga shopping complex – Sector – 53
  • C block market – Sector – 26

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    Aarti from Noida 829 Days ago

    Where is mini Sarojini market in Noida??

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  • J
    Jyotsna Mitra from Noida 1340 Days ago

    In Noida, weekly market is best option for buying domestic chores.

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    8382818957from Varanasi 470 Days ago


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  • A
    Abhay from Noida 1342 Days ago

    both local market and malls are available in noida city. we enjoy shopping from gip, spice mall and atta market.

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  • S
    Shalini from Noida 1662 Days ago

    can you tell me how can i reach indira market? i am new in the city and did not have a little idea about it.

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    n Expertfrom 1343 Days ago

    Hi! You can hire  taxi or an auto to reach this place in Noida.

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